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Paleo Frosted Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes are fudgy cupcakes with raspberry accents and frosted with a creamy vanilla frosting. These are grain free, paleo with a low carb and dairy free version. First of all, I just need to say wow, these are so ridiculously good! I will be making these for my birthday. Well, probably sooner than that. My husband said after he ate one of these “wow these taste like real cupcakes!” As if I’ve been feeding him fake cupcakes. When actually these are the first time I’ve made healthy cupcakes. I think he was referring to all the muffins I’ve made. I don’t think he pays attention, or really notices those subtle differences. He is not a big fan of sweets, so he says, but he keeps asking me if he can have more of those cupcakes. My picky eater child loved these, even though he does not like raspberries. He said they were chocolaty enough to make the berries taste good. These were fairly easy make, and were fudgier than most cupcakes. I really enjoyed the chocolate and raspberry flavors, and I had one without the frosting and it was really good as well. I can’t decide if I like them better with or without the frosting. My husband and son prefer with frosting. Either way, these are a crowd pleaser. I used these reusable cupcake / muffin cups in my muffin pan: Reusable cupcake/muffin cups

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